April rain? April shmain!

We’ve been very lucky to enjoy some fantastic April sunshine here in the UK.
Today…I woke at 6.45am and worked at home, in my kitchen, on new Kama and Milano charm projects. Met with my accountant and then worked again until 2pm. THEN…
For the first time in a long time,  I took a lounger, put it in a sun  spot in my garden and just fell asleep for 40 minutes… listening to Tony Robins’ ‘Daily Magic’. I say sleep. .. It was more of a doze while taking in subliminal messages relating to gratitude,  goals, living with passion.
It was the best.
I feel energised and full of vitamin D!

More sunshine please! And more 45 minutes of pure recharge!
#rulestoliveby #lovethelifeyoulive

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