So, I’ve recently gutted my wardrobe & had a damn good clear out. What I noticed is that most of my clothes are black, grey and beige.
No colour.
I’ve been mostly colourless for the last 4 years. How drab. How boring.

And due to travelling in my car 4 hours a day most of the time to Gemporia Towers, I live in jeggings and skinny jeans, Superdry sweaters and flats. This is because a few years ago, after a very scary three-sixty on the M5, I was left on the hard shoulder in my Tv presenting clothes, in the snow by traffic officers, for over an hour…Brrrrrr.
Although…I’m alive and still kicking…so…#grattitude there. However, lesson learnt, and now sensible clothes are worn.

The clear out ended in a mound of beigeness. And an obvious need for a splash of something.

I need some colour in my life.

I have been told by very good friends and most recently, top TV producers that I need to embrace the colour red. Apparently it’s ‘my’ colour.
So… look out ASOS – I’m about to raid your red section!

Clearly this is a #FWP ; )

Slightly out of my comfort zone. However, next clear out? I’m hoping I see a mound of rainbows!

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