Busy chasing dreams…

April! April was the last time I blogged. Wow. Time flies when you’re busy chasing your dreams!
I’ve been setting up next year’s plans in preparation for going back to school. Yep! I’m heading to University as of September to become a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. I’ll be qualified by February 2016.
I’ll still be presenting full time and acting (albeit less often) during the run of the course, so time management will be crucial.
Fitness and health, clean eating and nutrition are subjects that I’m passionate about; a passion that I’ve come to late in life, at 37. But better late than never.
I was always healthy and fit as a kid. Ballet kept me in shape until my early teens, and the gym memberships in my late teens until early 20s, plus dancing x 3 shows a day, kept the waistline trim & blood pressure normal! Although, I admit that as soon as wine & beer came into my life in my late teens…the waistline had a bit of a blip for a while.
Thinking you can eat and drink what you like and not step up the exercise?  Yeah…that’s a problem!

But after having my son, and all the medical complications that came with it, the weight piled on and I did nothing about it for 4 years.
Every diet, plan, fast fix out there…you name it, I’ve done it.
But…what it all comes down to:
No processed food. Huge amounts of water. And regular exercise that challenges you.
I’ve loved the Beachbody plans from the States over the last 4 years. The trainers are inspirational and motivational. And not just about fitness. Their outlook, positivity and success is aspirational. If I can be half that good after gaining my qualifications, then I’ll be happy.
(This is coming from the woman, who, as a 14yr old, took her pink umbrella with her during school cross country and refused to run a step further in the rain – Diva!)
So…here’s to time management.
Here’s to trying to fit more blogging in about this journey and here’s to success  and making dreams come true!

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