This year has, so far, been one of huge transformation for me. Giving up a wonderful full time job of almost 10 years in live TV sales at Gemporia, to a) freelance tv present for Jewellery Maker & corporate event presenting; b) get back to my first love – acting (thanks to the trust & support of Regan Management); and c) to fully embrace my passion to help others on their health and fitness journey, by putting my Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor qualifications to work, by teaching fitness classes.

I’m in partnership with my oldest friend of over 30 years, Kath. And we run classes and hold online support groups and challenges for all fitness levels.

What amazing women. What support! What commitment already. I am in awe. 💙

“If you want to learn, read.

If you want to understand, write.

If you want to be an expert, teach.”

I love this. Our intention is to help, support, advise and see these amazing women be the strongest & healthiest they can be. So I know that this will be the outcome of our classes and online support & challenge groups.

I have taken a leap of faith this year to do what I’m passionate about, to do what makes me happy and to give back. And…so far…? Life has never been better.

Life is short. It’s never too late. Jump. Leap. Do what makes you happy. Do it with grace. Do it with passion. Be humble….and fly….

Totally buzzing with joy and happiness after working out with 13 amazing women today.

Hoping you unclip your wings…leap…and fly….

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