Yep. All Christmas. From 11am Christmas morning…and still til now.. influenza has knocked me and my little family for six!
I think there are an awful lot of people in the same boat.
So, unfortunately, Christmas was a blur of tissues, coughing, aches, pains and antibiotics. And…quiet. As I have hardly any voice…
But, as one of my lovely FB followers said, sometimes these things happen to MAKE us stop. No chance to over fill the days and run around.
Plus, there are so many other people suffering with worse than flu/pneumonia, that, I’m just grateful for large antibiotics kicking in and finally helping me to feel human again.

How was yours? As in, Christmas. Magical, I hope and tissue and antibiotic free!

I’ve been catching up on news and,  thoughts turn to those who have lost their loved ones on the fallen AirAisa flight. Such a tragic loss.

So, as ever, before the big New Year blog posts up tomorrow/Thursday, I’m signing off and reflecting on 2014 and what 2015 may hold…  oh…and reaching for the tissues as the Lemsip disappears…

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