New year. New you?

Apparently a lot of people are totally going against the ‘New Year, new me’ mind set this year. All over Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, I’m seeing a big trend in opting for not making any 2015 resolutions.
Many are saying it’s due to not ever keeping their resolutions in the past, but others are saying that it’s due to actually making a conscious decision to not make public proclamations and then fail. I guess public embarrassment these days is potentially there at just the swipe of a screen.

I made a resolution 3 years ago to be at my healthiest, strongest and fittest within 12 months. A clear vision in how I wanted to feel, be and look. But, even though I’ve given it a damn good go, something has always ‘cropped up’ and taken away my focus, so I’ve never quite got there.
I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been, but I’m not at the level and point that I wanted to be.
Do I feel like I’ve failed? Yes.
Is there embarrassment there? No.

Failure: ‘the neglect or omission of expected or required action.’

Sometimes we have to fail so that we can establish just if and how important something is to us.
Sometimes we have to fail so that we can get back on it, work harder, change strategies and mind sets…
Success, surely is so much sweeter when you’ve worked in achieving it?

This isn’t just apparent in looking to be a stronger, healthier version of myself. Failure across all walks of life in our attempts to be better, do better, have better is always a possibility.

If we’re not instantly successful in what it is we’re trying to achieve: if we fail, there’s an opportunity for us to try again; more wisely, more intelligently and with more passion and conviction; with more self belief and determination.
Embarrassment lasts a few moments.
Regrets can last a whole lifetime.

So, as I enter year 4 of ‘New year, new me’, I enter it with a newer, revised plan. Wiser than before. More intelligently than before. Knowing where my feet faltered over the last 3 years; Understanding what takes my focus and attention away from my dreams and goals, (more often than not, shiny things – LOL). Being more mindful.

Whether declaring your resolutions publicly or privately; whether your resolutions are made on the first day of the New Year, mid June, or a random day in October – whenever – I hope you don’t give up at the first hurdle. I hope the moment of embarrassment you may feel doesn’t stop you in your tracks. I hope you review, revise and take a second, third, fourth…. forty sixth…attempt at whatever it is you’ve set out to do –
Lose weight
Get fit
Eat clean
Get a new job
Meet the love of your life
Run a marathon
Sky dive
Overcome a fear
Give up smoking
Live a less chaotic life
Be happy
the list is endless;
– with more passion, determination and with clearer steps in working towards achieving what it is you want, more than ever before.

Don’t give up.

R xx

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