No duvet days…


For the first time in ages today, I just couldn’t be bothered!  A long day at work yesterday meant that I was tired and really could have slept for Wales!

Felt like a duvet day was the order of play, and felt very ‘meh’…which isn’t like me at all.

After an hour of staying under the duvet, browsing unimportant stuff on Facebook and Twitter, I just got more and more cross at myself.
Had to have a word with myself…shoved on my running gear and went for my first outdoor run of 2015.

Freezing. Bracing. Grey.
But worth it.
Blew those bloody self pity crappy thoughts away.. (I really have nothing to feel crappy about. I love the life I live & am very lucky). And reminded myself of just how fortunate I am.

Whatever turns your frown upside down; whatever makes you realise just how much you have and how you should appreciate it all; whatever makes you happy – Do it.

#noduvetdays #lovethelifeyoulive #rulestoliveby

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