T’was the night before…

…my 41st birthday.

And, as I lay in this king size hotel bed by myself… I am happy. Totally and utterly happy. Content. Blissfully. And bloody excited.

My family are home, safe in Cardiff. I’m away in North Wales prepping for the first weekend of filming for the second series of S4C’s FFITCymru.

Today, I worked with a brilliant team who have brought to life something I have wanted to do since last year.

A first of its kind. Never done before. I’ve created it. And we’ve made it happen.

So. When I look at my 40th year, I see growth; spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I see acceptance. I see the results of dreams and hard work coming to life. I see the product of hours and hours of dedication and commitment light up. I see a lot of love. I see new relationships. I see new ventures and ideas brimming and steps in place. I see more frown lines but they’re book-ended by more laughter lines. I see a whole heap of time spent being so incredibly grateful. I see a lot of lessons learnt.

I see better health. I see a healthier and more united home. I feel a deeper love. I feel proud. Humble. Happy.

Does it get much better than 40?

Let’s see, 41.

#lovethelifeyoulive #brafbywbywyd

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